Vlog 4: The Art of Styling

Styling furniture is an art form that is uber important when shooting any product. From matching colour and accessorizing, to trying to inspire you at home, styling is a fun and fabulous way to bring a product to life. Check out our stylist Lisa, describe our process when working with client Simpli-Home


BTS – Tilt Arcade: a love for the 80s

Hey Guys,

So slight change of pace for this week’s vlog. With Ready Player One ready to hit theatres this week, and with Tony a self-professed vintage video game nerd, it seemed just the right time to look back at one of our favourite shoots ever.

Its not every day that you find a bar chock-full of vintage arcade games and pinball machines, and more importantly, its not every day that that bar lets you do an awesome, 80s-style photoshoot after hours one day.

Lucky for us, Tilt Arcade Bar was about as excited to have us do the shoot, as we were to shoot there. The end results are pretty cool, have a look:

Location: @tilttoronto
Hair/Makeup: @megfraser
Talent: @pat_thornton, @thedjadvantage, @not.your.nachos
Wardrobe: @thegingermartini

VLOG 1: Shooting Lighting with AM Studio

Our first VLOG!

We’ve been working with the awesome people at AM Studio, bringing their fabulous custom lighting fixtures to life. Joe and Danielle grabbed their cameras and took a look at Tony’s shooting process, and his supervillian aspirations.

We Changed our NAME!!! say whhhhaaat?

So we decided to rebrand our commercial division by renaming our site! woohoo! We changed from LBL PHOTO (BORING!!!) to          LBL Studio (AWESOME right!?!) We changed because we offer more than photo… we now have an 8000 sq. foot space complete with 2 cycloramas; one dedicated to photo and the other to cinema.

And what’s a new name without a logo with a dog – hello! Check it out…


EJ Entertainment – Social Media Photography

These days, imagery is everything. Having great photos to showcase what you do, is priceless and makes for great content on social media. We had the pleasure of shooting for EJ Entertainment this past weekend. Let’s just say these guys know how to get a dance floor hopping! It was the annual CPA convocation party at the Westin Harbour Castle in downtown Toronto. They shared the stage with youtube sensation, Mike Tompkins. Check out some of these awesome shots capturing what EJ entertainment does best.

EJ Entertainment











Athletes Kitchen – A MUST TRY!

We were thrilled to shoot the food photography for Athletes Kitchen in Liberty Village. If you’re into healthy eating, an athlete, or just plain trying to lose weight and be healthy, this is a must try. Let’s just say after the photography was done, we had a grand old time sampling all the delicious food! Yalda & Oscar are awesome folks and their food is fresh, tasty and superb. Don’t blame us if the pics below make you hungry 🙂





AthletesKitchen4  AthletesKitchen7AthletesKitchen6  AthletesKitchen8  AthletesKitchen9